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The Andaman Islands Are a Destination Where Authentic Beauty Absolutely Enraptures. Not only is it endowed with stunning beaches, sparkling waters, charming surroundings & clear skies but it is also India’s biodiversity greatest feat. This ecological paradise is a favorite destination for travelers from all over the globe. The Andaman Islands attract around 4.5 lakh tourists per year, of whom 15,000 are foreigners. Havelock Island, Cinque Island, Viper Island, and Neil Island are frequently included in Andaman tour packages, along with all of Port Blair’s must-see sights.

Travelers also like to visit North Andaman and Baratang Island. Incomparable vegetation and fauna may be found on the Andaman Islands, together with immaculate beaches. Therefore, have a look at some of the top Andaman tour packages and treat yourself to an unforgettable trip filled with excitement, fun, and calm.

 Must-See Tourist Locations in an Andaman-Nicobar Tour Package

A local sightseeing excursion is included in nearly all Andaman tour package. Typical stops on the guided city trip include Cellular Jail, the Light and Sound Show, Corbyn’s Cove Beach, the Science Centre and Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park.

Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, and Wandoor Beach are nearby beaches that can be visited. They are often solitary during the day and see some activity around sunset. They are less popular with tourists. If the plan has a free day, they can be added to the Andaman tour package.

  • Port Blair

The capital city of Andaman, Port Blair, should be thoroughly explored in order to gain a sense of the cultural legacy of the place before you start limiting the sites to visit around. Port Blair is renowned for its tranquil atmosphere and breath-taking coastlines. The main city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands welcomes a large number of tourists from all over the world. For the best value from your Andaman tour package, be sure to visit all of Port Blair’s well-known attractions. Beaches, cellular jail, marine life are what make this place unique.

  • Havelock Island

One of the top destinations on the itineraries of our Andaman tour package is Havelock Island. Because of the island’s extremely low population density, you can enjoy being as near to nature as possible. The underwater world is sure to entice you with the abundance of water experiences including snorkelling, scuba diving, sea walking, surfing, and glass boat excursions. Havelock Island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Andaman.

  1. Reefs, beaches and swimming elephants are among the attractions.
  2. Neil Island, Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Barren Island, Long Island, Bharatpur Beach, Kala Pathar Beach, and Lalaji Bay Beach are other nearby attractions.
  • Baratang Island

Lying between the South and the Middle Andaman, Baratang Island is a hidden beauty of the region. The island is blessed with extensive mangrove forests, a variety of wildlife, and indigenous communities. Baratang Islands, one of the Andaman Islands’ most scenic locations, is a photographer’s paradise. Baratang Islands is where you can have your full dosage of adventure and fun.

  1. Mangroves and Limestone Caves are Special Features
  2. Parrot Island and Baludera Beach are nearby attractions.


  • Neil Island

Neil Island, a small island south of Andaman, is home to a variety of less-explored aquatic life, coral reefs, lengthy beaches, and alluring flora. This lovely island with its white sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and laid-back attitudes is also known as Shaheed Dweep. Neil Island is known as the vegetable bowl of Andaman because of its alluring silence in contrast to Havelock Island’s bustle. With our Andaman tour package, you may go there and take in the relaxed charm. An extended weekend break on the island is ideal.

  1. Beaches, fishing, and sea walks are unique features.
  2. The Howrah Bridge, Sitapur, Ram Nagar, Natural, Kalapathar, and Long Island are all popular tourist destinations.


  • Cinque Island

The pristine beaches, abundant marine life, and tropical rainforest of Cinque Island are well-known attractions. North Cinque Island and South Cinque Islands make up Cinque Island. Indescribable natural beauty may be seen and experienced by visiting these islands as part of an Andaman tour package.

  1. Coral Reefs, Turtles, Marine Life are unique features.
  2. Red Skin Island, Jolly Buoy Island & Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park Chidiya Tapuare all popular tourist destinations.


  • Rutland Island

One of the best tourist destinations in the Andaman is Rutland Island, renowned for its breathtaking beauty. Located around 20 kilometres from Port Blair in the Andaman Islands, it is a picture-perfect island. Its picturesque beauty attracts a large number of tourists each year. A trip to Rutland Island can give you the opportunity to capture some of the most memorable moments of your life.

This island is part of the Andaman tour package because of its grandeur and captivating beauty.

  1. What Makes It Unique: Mesmerizing Beauty
  2. The distinctive cultures of the Jangil Tribe, Mount Ford, and Mount Mayo are popular among tourist.


  • Radhanagar Beach

One of the most stunning beaches in Asia is found on Havelock Island’s Radhanagar Beach, which has glistening white sands, blue waves, and lush green palm fringes. You can go scuba diving, snorkelling, and more at the beach. As a result, it is highly suggested that Radhanagar Beach be included in your Andaman tour package.

  • Corbyn’s Cove

Corbyn’s Cove, Port Blair’s most well-liked beach, is renowned for offering thrilling adventure sports opportunities. This beach offers guests a distinctive experience thanks to the variety of shacks with vibrant decor. The beach is included in practically all Andaman tour package deals since it offers romantic getaways that are worthwhile for you and your partner to experience.

  • Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach, on the island of Havelock, is the location of an incredible jungle adventure. The beach is renowned for its diverse marine life. It takes a 30-minute boat ride to get to the beach. The beach has calm surroundings, waters that are navy in hue, and a sparkling coastline.

Optimum period to visit Andaman

The greatest time to visit the Andaman Islands is from October to March, during the winter season, when temperatures moderately drop to an average of 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Where to Stay in Andaman?

There are numerous lodging alternatives in the Andaman Islands, and it’s likely that your Andaman tour package will include family-friendly hotels there. Hotels of every description, including those with stars, hotels in the budget range, historic hotels, etc., are available in the city. For accommodations, Andaman offers a wide range of choices.

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